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 RBIS, Multi Group Winning, Multi Group Placing,

 GrCh. Chindale Having a Party at Dizzy



Bash came to live at Dizzy in October of 2015 from the World Renown Chindale kennel in North Carolina.  He has a lovely pedigree, is sound as they come and couldn't be more typey.  The future is bright in the conformation ring as well as the whelping box here at Dizzy!

Bash finished his Championship in May 2016.  Since May he has picked up multiple group placements and now is a group winner!  He will be sparingly specialed in the coming months as he matures.  Watch for him in 2017 as our full time special!

Bash is already a Multi Group Winner and Reserve Best In Show Winner.  Watch for him!

Bash is intact.

Bash's Health Checks Page

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