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Japanese Chin Males

Here at Dizzy and At Stud


RBIS GChS Chindale Having a Party at Dizzy



GCh Dizzy & Chindale The Notorious BIG


Japanese Chin Males

Bred By and/or Co-Owned and live with their lovely owners

Ch. Dizzy & Hapichin Trouble witha Capitol T AX AXJ


Ch. Dizzy Kamakura


Japanese Chin Females

At Dizzy


Ch. Dizzy Curtain Call



Chindale Family Affair By Whitehills


Cindon & Midwood Hapichin Dizzy Blonde



HMS & Dizzy Sweet Tart

"Pop Tart"


Ch. Dizzy Golden Girl



Ch Dizzy Let's Go Party


Japanese Chin Females

Bred By and/or Co-Owned and live with their lovely owners

or Retired

Dizzy Desperate From the Heat NA NAJ

"Sunny D"

Dizzy Tentu Mushi


Ch. Ni Kokoro Midwood Dizzy Diety OA NAJ



Ch.Dizzy & Chindale Exs and Ohhhs


Chindale Bet on it

"Betsy Lou"

Our "Big Dogs"

Dizzy Start Ur Engines AX AXJ


AnAngel Dizzy What's the Fuss AX AXJ


Apple Acres Showcase U Got Nothing on Me


Co-Owned with Ryan Platt & Barbara Tarras


Scene Stealer It's All About Me OA AXJ


co owned with Jennifer Crank


At the Rainbow Bridge....

Ch. Odessa's Bandura CD RN OA NAJ


NJGSDR's Schnapps Crackle and Pops


MACh 3 Dizzy Kamikaze By Siltara ROM PD1


MACh 5 AV NJGSDRs Draven's Hangman's Fury MAD


Double HH's Lonestar Rebel



GCH Dizzy & Hapichin So Minty Fresh

Multi BISS RBIS GCHS Dizzy & Hapichin Stop and Stare


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