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Japanese Chin Males

Here at Dizzy and At Stud


RBIS GChS Chindale Having a Party at Dizzy



GCh Dizzy & Chindale The Notorious BIG


Japanese Chin Males

Bred By and/or Co-Owned and live with their lovely owners

Ch. Dizzy & Hapichin Trouble witha Capitol T AX AXJ


Ch. Dizzy Kamakura


Japanese Chin Females

At Dizzy


Ch. Dizzy Curtain Call



Chindale Family Affair By Whitehills


Cindon & Midwood Hapichin Dizzy Blonde



HMS & Dizzy Sweet Tart

"Pop Tart"


Ch. Dizzy Golden Girl



Ch Dizzy Let's Go Party


Japanese Chin Females

Bred By and/or Co-Owned and live with their lovely owners

or Retired

Dizzy Desperate From the Heat NA NAJ

"Sunny D"

Dizzy Tentu Mushi


Ch. Ni Kokoro Midwood Dizzy Diety OA NAJ



Ch.Dizzy & Chindale Exs and Ohhhs


Chindale Bet on it

"Betsy Lou"

Our "Big Dogs"

Dizzy Start Ur Engines AX AXJ


Apple Acres Showcase U Got Nothing on Me


Co-Owned with Ryan Platt & Barbara Tarras


Scene Stealer It's All About Me OA AXJ


co owned with Jennifer Crank

AnAngel Dizzy What's the Fuss AX AXJ



Apex Wanna Be a Scenestealer


co owned with Jennifer Crank


At the Rainbow Bridge....

Ch. Odessa's Bandura CD RN OA NAJ


NJGSDR's Schnapps Crackle and Pops


MACh 3 Dizzy Kamikaze By Siltara ROM PD1


MACh 5 AV NJGSDRs Draven's Hangman's Fury MAD


Double HH's Lonestar Rebel



GCH Dizzy & Hapichin So Minty Fresh

Multi BISS RBIS GCHS Dizzy & Hapichin Stop and Stare


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