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Ch. Ni Kokoro Midwood Dizzy Diety NA OAJ


(retired from breeding & showing and living with the Andersen Family.)


Chrissy came to us from Ni Kokoro (Carla Jo and Tommy Ryan) as a gift.  She is the daughter of our Tony-O and out of Carla Jo's Keiko.  This was an outcross breeding that produced 3 beautiful girls.  When Carla Jo saw the body on Chrissy combined with her willingness to please, she knew she be a wonderful addition to my kennel.  I am grateful to Carla Jo for Chrissy as she is my next up and coming agility star!  She was co-bred with Scott Toney from Midwood Kennel.

She is "famous" for being one of the Louis Vuitton Chins in their Fall 2013 Campaign. 

Chrissy is now spayed and a beloved pet to the Andersen family where she lives with her son Cricket.


Chrissy's health checks




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