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Ch. An Angel Dizzy What's the Fuss? MX MXJ




OFA Good hips, Normal elbows, Full Dentition, MDR1 Normal, Thyroid Normal, CERF Eyes, vWD Clear
CHIC #114478 


(NAC BISS Ch Mach 4 Bare Cove Blu Lite Special "Rush" x Weststar Dirty Little Secret "Secret")

I never saw myself as a sheltie person but the minute I saw "Rush" run, I knew that was one special dog.  I had the pleasure of massaging him after a run and his temperament blew me away.  I spoke with his owner and was put on a list for a puppy.  2 years later, I have my Rush puppy! 

Hype is as sweet as they come.  He has never met a dog, person or even bug he doesn't like. He isn't pushy or barky.  He is the most biddable dog I have ever owned is as sound as "a dollar bill".  He has all his health clearances, earning CHIC status and is proving himself a wonderful sire as well.


Hype finished his breed Championship in Jan 2017 and now will focus on agility.

Stud Service Available.  He carries tri, bi and merle.

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