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Here at Dizzy we breed Japanese Chin and occasionally German Shepherd Dogs. 


Producing puppies that will grow up into outstanding representatives of their magnificent breed is our main goal in breeding. We focus on producing healthy and highly trainable puppies while maintaining the breed standard and type.

We select the best studs in the country for our females to ensure that the next generation excels in every venue, be it conformation, performance, service, or a family pet.

Puppies are born in our bedroom and raised in our home and yard environment. We spend hundreds of hours caring for, socializing and developing puppies with exposure to many new experiences.  Various games are introduced when pups begin walking and playing. Games are designed to introduce puppies to the basic obedience, tracking, agility and problem solving.

Each puppy will be vet checked, wormed and vaccinated. We offer written health guarantees and support and advice for the life of our pups. We take lifetime responsibility for all the puppies we produce, therefore our contract requires the return of any puppy or dog that a new owner can no longer keep, for whatever reason.  No refunds (except for things covered on the guarantee of course).  They may not be sold, or given away without our permission. They may not be dropped off at a humane society, or animal shelter ~ those are for unwanted animals.  We ALWAYS welcome our puppies back!

We stand behind our puppies 100% and have many happy familes to show for it!


Current/Upcoming Litters * German Shepherd Litters * Past Litters


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