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MACh Bonjon Dizzy Gin Fiz Dschungel MX MXJ

GSDCA Agility Top 20 Victrix 2011




Tangy is the most fun dog to run!  She brings in times that are amazing for her breed and gives the Border collies a run for their money!  She is small, measuring into the 20inch class.  She was the 2011 GSDCA top 20 Champion.

In 2012, Tang was diagnoised with Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis or IMPA.  This is a rare auto immune disease.  We think a tick bite from some years back triggered it.  It took over 2 years of rehab and experimentation with medications but she has made a full recovery.   Only about 50% of dogs make a recovery and we are so lucky Tang is back to doing what she loves.

Tang earned her MACh in June of 2015.


Tang had a litter in May 2010.  We kept Rev out of this litter.  Tangy is now spayed.

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